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Bandstand in Old Town

When we moved to Swindon a few years ago and were looking for somewhere to live and set up a brewery, we were immediately drawn to Old Town. The beautiful old buildings, great green spaces and bohemian vibe sold it to us straight away.

Now we are settled here, there is something that’s stands out even more to me and really makes me love the place, and that’s its sense of community. There’s a village atmosphere here; one in which people know each other and stand together. People in Old Town really want the best for this place and that includes fantastic support for fledgling businesses such as ours.

I’ve lost count now of how many times we received positive comments from local people, sometimes singing the praises of our products, sometimes just wishing us luck; it really makes the hard slog worthwhile.

Blossom in old town

Spring in Town Gardens

When a community gives so much, it’s nice to give back. That’s why we try to get involved when we can to support local events. Just last month we we’re proud to be a part of two such things- firstly ‘The Big Night In’- a fundraising pamper evening for Croft primary school and secondly the ‘Save Swindon Libraries’ fundraiser. At both events we provided raffle prizes which we hope tempted people to spend a few pennies for both causes. You can see more about saving the libraries here: www.facebook.com/saveswindonslibraries/

We love meeting local people and spreading the word about what we’re doing here. This spring also marks the launch of ‘The Co-Hop-erative’, a little venture we are starting to get Old Towners growing hops in spare green spaces. The idea is that we give away free baby hop plants which you can nurture and grow. In autumn you harvest the hops for us and it return you get some free beer that’s been made with these local hops! They are so easy to grow- if you fancy some free beer then get involved! Check out the page or send us an email.

We hope to become more involved in the Old Town community as our business grows. If you are organising an event locally and are looking for people to run a stall or supply drinks then please do consider us, and look out for us appearing at events in the coming year.



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