Chocolate & Beer Pairing

We’ve teamed up with the boutique chocolate people at @cocochemistry to match some of our craft beers with their artisan chocolate.

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Pairing food is fun but it also makes real sense. The idea being to enhance the experience on all fronts.

Beer can be paired successfully with so many foods, but we wanted the challenge of keeping it to a particular field and to reach around for flavours within that constraint.

To pair beer with chocolate you really need an exceptionally diverse range of chocolate variants to work with.  Initial tests with high quality mass produced chocolates was working on some cases, but when it came to matching the funkier beers we needed more options.

We wanted sour, fruity and citrus options. Furthermore, we wanted textures and shapes. Shapes isn’t an obvious factor, but picture dropping a smooth, rounded chocolate button on your tongue and how it melts in-situ, then imagine taking a big crunch from a brittle block of hard chocolate that splinters with sharp corners.  It is a slightly different experience and one factor that we wanted to explore.

So, a need for such variety and high quality, coupled with the potential for experimentation and collaboration products led us to kick off this project with Coco Chemistry – tiny artisan chocolate developers and makers nearby in Wiltshire.

It’s very early days, but so far we’ve fixed 3 pairings early:

1.  Bushcraft Porter + Kumbabo 80% dark slab.

2. Green Hop Pale + Lemon White Belgian slab.

3.  Bushcraft Porter + Just Dark Belgian beans.

These are all now available as limited edition pack in a sack from May 2017:

Contact Old Town Brewery for free delivery in SN1+.

#artisanproject #craftchocolate #Swindon #CoHop


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