The CoHoperative Project:


Grow home…in your garden…for FREE.

Every year when springtime kicks in, we’ll be giving away free Hop Plant rhizomes (kind of root base) starting from last April 2016.

Around Old Town, with all those loooong and narrow gardens and Victorian terraces, we’ve found hops are an ideal way of covering up the dull, grey, long garden walls with attractive foliage every summer.

Our vision is to share these plants to people of Old Town, especially around Town Gardens area and come together late summer / autumn to harvest the hops themselves and make sweet, sweet “green hop beer” (“wet hop beer” for the Americans among us) out of them at our Old Town (tiny)Brewery!

This seasonal beer will then be shared around to taste the outcome of our communal labours of love.20150818_093830

Old Town is still about community, moreso than many parts of Swindon despite modern life.

So get in touch and come collect a free potted plant or two! They are incredibly easy to grow- absolutely no green fingers required, just a bit of space to let them do their thing.

We’re especially keen to get this CoHoperative going in the immediate area around Goddard Avenue…so…The Mall, Avenue Road, Bath Road, Commonweal Road, Okus Road etc., but if you’re a little further afield please do get in touch as well.


hop plant in the brewery garden

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