Growing Hops: Varieties

Wild vs Garden

Hop Harvest: Can you tell the difference?

These are the 3 hop varieties we currently grow:

Chinook Cascade Goldings

Chinook:  Our head brewer’s favourite hop that we grow in the brewery garden.  It has a spikier appearance, a little rough around the edges like a few of us here.  It’s an American variety, popular the world over within the craft beer scene.  It’s a dual purpose hop, i.e. used for both bittering and aroma.

Aroma wise you’re talking citrus (often quoted as Grapefruit), pine and some spice.

Alpha Acids are medium-high.  Of course, we don’t know the exact properties of our plants and so the special CoHop seasonal community beer is always a best guess type beer.

Cascade:  A true American classic hop – but mainly used for aroma within the modern craft beer brewery scenes.

Aroma wise it’s more to the floral side along with citrus.

Alpha acids are low to medium, which makes it a well used variety worldwide.

Prima Donna (based on Goldings / First Gold):  Being based on two classic English hops makes Prima Donna a real versatile option.

Aromas – like cascade it carries some floral and citrus aromas but can also include an earthy character.

Alpha acids are medium.  Hence why it gets used in all stages of brewing.

Of course there’s actually a lot more to hops than alpha acids, but many websites and books cover the technical properties really well.  We love growing them and always look forward to the harvest brews when the hops are picked and end up in the brew pot within hours of harvest giving us our annual batch of green hop beer.

Every September time is harvest time, so if anyone involved in the #CoHop project wants to pop by and chat whist helping us pick them, just give us a shout…

Can you tell the difference?

Homegrown Forager Hops

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