Growing Hops: Space

How big do they grow

Hop Plants: there’s been a great response to our#CoHop project this year. A common question is “how big do they grow?”.

Have a look…below is our Dwarf Hop taken about 2 weeks ago…it wants to grow higher but until next season we’re limited by the wall.

How big do they grow

This plant is a dwarf type is called Prima Donna and will never reach the heights of typical hops but for most gardens it is plenty with heights usually around 2.5m (11ft).

We have several other plants growing including Chinook and Cascade, but the dwarf is the most mature in its 3rd season now as of 2016.

Once established the Chinook and Cascade plants will demand much more height – anything up to 10-13m (30-40ft)!!

Two of our plants are on south facing walls and are already well ahead of the 3rd, which is making the most of a low north facing wall by attaching to the nearby pear tree.  For advice on training the shape of hop plants see the other tips pages:

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