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The first Craft Brewery in the heart and soul of Swindon – Old Town.

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Through years of research on Craft Beer and numerous trials we, the Old Town Brewers, have defined the freshest and richest tasting modern beers.  We toured the most progressive Craft Brewing regions from Australia, Japan and the United States all the way back to Swindon, tirelessly sampling the widest range of Craft Beer available to understand what was missing in the UK and Swindon / Wiltshire in particular.

Initial sampling trials back in Autumn 2013 went rather well and led to some interesting experiments throughout 2014.  The brewhouse has been scaling up ever since and we started kicking into gear for Xmas 2014 – treating a select few to our expanding range of beers and foraged wines.

The base lineup includes our Great British Wheat Beer – Provender.  With our background established in the traditional Munich brewing scene this was a natural first step.  Our Head Brewer lived in Bavaria for over a year and developed our recipe to lie somewhere between the classic Franziskaner Weissbier and the more modern American Hefe Weizen that has appeared in recent years.

Come find us and our drinks in Old Town, Swindon…craft beer that is natural, inventive & local.

Old Town Brewery Craft Beer - Swindon

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  1. Dear Brewer

    I am a bottle label collector, and I am currently specialising in labels from micro breweries. Yours is one a large number of gaps in my collection. I am contacting you to ask if you have done any bottled beers, and, if yes, is it possible, please, to have samples of your labels. I will of course send you a Stamped Addressed Envelope, and, if required, will make a reasonable contribution to the cost of printing. I look forward to hearing from you, and thank you in anticipation.

    Yours sincerely

    John Hedington

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