Easy Pale – saying farewell…

As a parting gesture, we’ve put the last ever Easy Pale bottles on a rather generous offer at Billy’s shop.

Local Craft Beer in Swindon

The last ever (genuinely ever) delivery of our immensely popular Easy Pale Ale craft beer has just been dropped off for sale at Suain Stores on Goddard Avenue.  A bit of a local legend in this part of Swindon, Billy and his shop offer pretty much everything you’d need from a convenience store.

So the final few bottles are in special offer now – you’ll have to pop in to see just how cheap!!!

Artisan Project Craft Beer

Easy Pale is number 25 in the ongoing experimental range under the Artisan Project.  It will be making a re-appearance in a similar guise, but never quite the same as we tweak the yeast and hops aspect of the beer to further improve.

Farewell Easy Pale – you have been a popular choice indeed.


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