Elderflower Bubbly – fresh is best


Making wines from foraged fruits and flowers can be tricky and Elderflower sparkling wine is certainly proving a tough challenge.

We’ve been developing our own variants of Elderflower Bubbly for 9 years now.  Put simply, we’ve had huge success and have the core recipe and process nailed.  It’s been trialled endlessly and customer feedback has been nothing but high praise each year.

Nothing but high praise!

Summer Foraging:

Each season we forage for fresh flowers at their peak every sunny day we can.  This gives us enough for a decent size batch each year, which goes on sale by Xmas and sells out right away through local fayres and our existing customer base.

The demand, however, is much greater.

What we really want is to be supply all those potential costumers who are asking for the wine.  The problem being to simply forage enough fresh flowers to scale up.  The equipment is ready.  

Dried Elderflower:

For many years now we’ve been trialling dried elderflower having sourced through numerous suppliers.  Some have been awful – the flowers lacking aroma and even much flavour on some cases.  Whilst a few sources are actually very good.

Fresh is key – dried flowers just isn’t the same

The outcome with dried is ok, but it’s not what we and our fans fell in love with.  That aroma of summer doesn’t hit you and the slight bitterness is tricky to balance with the sweetness.

Finding a blend:

We have actually achieved successful batches using a mix of dried and fresh foraged flowers.  It took a while to find the right ratios and process, but we outcome is good. But we’re not sure it’s good enough…

Extreme Foraging:

So, this summer (2017) we have a project that involves, what some might consider, a slightly excessive level of elderflower foraging.  The trial is to create the bigger batch with only fresh gatherings and bring back the optimum bubbly that we and everybody else is calling for.

Elderflower Bubbly

We can’t wait to smell the brewhouse once it’s all off and running.  
Pure summer heaven.

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