Elders in bloom


In a few months time when you’re laid back, sipping on an ice cool glass of our Elderflower Bubbly – think back to this day of utter sunshine.

Today we started foraging for the Elderflowers, under a blue sky, birds chirping away.  The aroma from the blossom is unmistakable slapping the happy gatherer in all their senses.

Yes, foraging season is well and truly back and we’re seizing the day and, critically, the British weather.
At Old Town Brewery, we – the green fingered gatherers –  don’t have many strict rules but we do have three key ones to ensure the Elderflower Bubbly is the best it can be:

  1. Summer’s Day:  we only forage on a warm and sunny day to ensure the flowers are fully open and packed with pollen and flavour.
  2. Location, location, location:  Nature knows best and we will not gather Elderflowers from a roadside or anywhere with a risk of pollution.
  3. Full bloom: only pick the flowers when they’re fully open.  More on this topic later…

Let’s hope for more sun as the bloom is looking mighty impressive so far this season and we’ve got a big few batches that need brewing to satisfy so many patient and eager bubbly fans.

Elders in bloom!

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