Fruit Wines

Elderflower Champagne
Ever tried Elderflower Bubbly?

It’s not all about the beer…the Old Town brewers started life combining a healthy love of nature & wild foraging with the science of wine making.

Our Elderflower Sparkling Wine is available now and throughout 2015.

Elderflower Bubbly

 The Elderflower Champagne is a firm favourite and a little easy to drink, be warned.

We’re developing numerous other fruit wines with freshly foraged berries, fruits & blossom with Rhubarb Wine and Blackberry led Hedgerow Wine firmly in place.

Craft Forager Fruit Wine

Elderflower Sparkling Wine

As for nature’s array of other tasty forager fruits, we will continue to perfect the recipes and have them bottled, matured and in your glass by late 2015.

There’s more to wine than grapes.

Saying that, in winter 2015 we did release our first grape wine:

2015 Mulled Wine – read all about it here!

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