Mulled Wine 2015

Old Town Brewery, Swindon

Craft Mulled Wine by Old Town Brewery

It was a drizzly late summer day when crates upon crates of red grapes arrived from their long journey from Italy.

Almost autumn in fact, in 2014.  The next day we set about cleaning them up, this time in a little English sunshine.

old town brewery

We went on to press and ferment the grapes, as per usual hand crafted process, leading to a decent batch of wine by Xmas.  It took a good year’s worth of conditioning and ageing until winter 2015 before the wine was ready.

With the festive period approaching the batch was destined for a special edition 2015 Mulled Wine.

Mulled wine?! After all this hard work?!

Indeed.  Trust us.

Old Town Brewery, Swindon

Go do a blind tasting, side by side, of a decent spiced mulled wine and a bottle of cheap commodity mulled plonk

That’s right.  We pushed hard to develop the right blend of spices including all the classics:

  • Cinnamon
  • Cloves
  • Star Anise
  • Citrus Fruits

It’s a tricky balance; cloves are pretty powerful and cinnamon is such a fantastic spice but needs some encouragement to shine through.  After many experiments and lots of tasting trials – hiccup! – we nailed it.

The entire batch was released to Swindon’s finest with sales at local Xmas fayres (Commonweal, Steam Museum, Croft…see events page) as well as numerous deals cut with followers of our social media (Twitter, FB & Instagram).

Mulled Wine - Old Town Brewery

Today it’s the 10th Dec, still a couple of weeks from Christmas and we can, officially, report that it’s almost sold out.

We’ve kept aside a mini set – but after that we’ll have to wait another year!

Merriness to all & cheers!

The little elves @ Old Town Brewery