Growing Hops


Here at Old Town Brewery we love nature and the environment. That’s why we like to keep things local. Where we can, we try to source from local providers and use local tradesman, not only does it keep down food miles, but it also supports our community- a win for everyone.

One of our favourite hobbies is to forage wild ingredients from our locality- Elderflowers for our bubbly, blackberries and elderberries for our porters and anything else we can find for our experimental brews! Foraged ingredients are organic, fresh and in our opinion, taste great.

But not everything we use can be found locally or easily foraged. One example is hops. And that’s why we decided to start growing our own hops here in the brewery garden. We have a south facing wall and decided to put a couple of hop plants against this and see how they fared. Well, we literally cannot believe how amazing these plants are- they seem to grow before your eyes, putting on centimetres of growth by the day and happily climbing up anything they can reach hold of. Our bare wall was transformed into a mass of green in a month or so, and right now the plants are covered in a mass of mini hops which should be ready to harvest next month.

We’ve got cascade and chinook hops growing at the moment, perhaps given how well they’ve grown we might try some more next year. I think space may be the limiting factor though and we may be in danger of not being able to actually get into the brewery if they grow any bigger!

We plan to make some green hopped beers with our own hops in the next month or so, so watch this space!

Or grow your own hops as part of our CoHoperative Project.




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